bike2go - Find a bike for Indego, the Philadelphia bike share

bike2go is an iOS application available for iPhone that helps people find stations, bikes, and racks for Indego, the Philadelphia bike share.

The story behind this app is somewhat unique.  The initial, very rough, version of this app was created at Philly Codefest 2015.  Our idea was to create an iOS application that allows for users to not only find bikes for the soon-to-be-released Philly bike share, but also get fit doing it by leveraging social gamification in the app.  The app won the Grand Prize, and the Dean's Award for Innovation at the Codefest.

Fast forward a couple months, after a couple iterations and rejections from Apple, we released the App Store version of the app.  The app includes use of Google Maps to show markers for stations, bikes, and racks.  For an initial attempt at monetization, it uses the iAd framework to display a banner ad to users.  There's an option to disable ads through In-App Purchase as well.  Other tools and third party libraries used include: Google Analytics, Appirater, and Crashlytics.

I'm most proud of this app because it was created and implemented entirely on my own time.  It feels good to create and maintain something yourself.  Of course I had help, most significantly from Sam Provenza, bike2go's co-creator and visual designer.

Here's a screenshot of from when they highlighted us as the winners.