Dave Grohl IS a Rock and Roll God

Regardless of what you actually think about the Foo Fighters, or their music, one thing is undeniable.  Dave Grohl is a rock and roll god, and rightly deserves to act like it.  Dave doesn't prove this to anyone, and criticsm that "he doesn't lead the rock and roll" life aren't valid.  Yes, he has more money than is imaginable at this point (at one point estimated to be the 3rd wealthiest drummer in the world with $225m net worth).  And yes, he isn't sleeping on a sticky bathroom floor in the back of some tiny rock venue on a weekday night.  The point is, he HAS put in his time, ascended the mountain, and now sits on top of it with few others as one of the living legends who can claim the status of "Rock and Roll God."

Here's three reasons why:

  1. He has played in two different instruments, in two different bands, each of which have moved the Rock and Roll genre forward in different ways.  (He played drums in Nirvana, and sang and played guitar in Foo Fighters)
  2. He had a major injury while performing, and didn't let it impact tour dates later in the summer (he severely broke his leg, and then played the whole summer tour with a cast, and built a sweet throne).
  3. He is a philanthropist.  Philanthropy is the test in the trial and graduation to Rock and Roll God-ship.  Dave Grohl is involved in supporting LGBT rights, and advocating anti-drug use.

So, YES, Dave Grohl is a Rock and Roll God, and deserves to act like one.

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