Music Group of the Week newsletter, a new project!

I'm excited to announce my newest project: Music Group of the Week.  It's a weekly newsletter that highlights a different music group with each issue.  Arriving in your inbox on Friday's around noon, Music Group of the Week contains around 10 interesting pieces of content about the group that I've found interesting, and that I think you'll find interesting too.  I try to include a range of material, from information about the band's roots, to unique performance videos on YouTube, to contemporary news about the group. 

One of my favorite time wasting activities is digging through the Internet into the history of various music groups.  The beginning of the rabbit hole usually begins on Wikipedia or YouTube.  It's so easy just to follow link after link watching live performance, interviews and covers of songs.  So I figured, why not share the best of these findings with others?  And thus Music Group of the Week.

For the first issue, I tackled the Eagles.  You can find the archive here.

Or if you're interested in a screenshot of how the newsletter looks, here's a teaser:

The coolest thing about Music Group of the Week is that the newsletter is created with the newest mobile app I'm working on, Curate by AWeber.  It's not yet live on the App Store or Google Play store yet, but will be soon.  We are hosting an open beta period though as complete the final piece of the project.  I'm really liking dogfooding my own product, like really dogfooding it - not just testing it throughout development, but actually using it as intended and building an audience.  And even cooler, is that it's driving dogfooding of the rest of the AWeber experience (like our other apps - Stats and Atom, as well as the AWeber website).

If you're interested in trying Curate by AWeber, hit me up on Twitter (@obusek) and I'll get you invited into the beta.

Here's to new projects!

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