TSBTS #2 - We're going on an airplane

This picture certainly doesn’t break any records in terms of quality or composition, but it’s the moment that was captured which really speaks to me.  I snapped this picture from my iPhone 5 while John and I were waiting to board our flight to Paris in early April 2015.  Honestly, I don’t know whether John was looking at the baby to the far right, or the staring in awe at the airplane in front.  Leading up to the trip, we were really getting John excited for “his big trip on the airplane” so I like to imagine that this picture is when he finally got to see one in person.  What’s funny, is that, this picture makes it seem like that’s the airplane we were about to board, but it wasn’t.  Our gate was like three further to the right.  The photo I ended up posting here is the HDR version of the photo, I’ll post some of the others in the outtakes, but you’ll see that they aren’t evenly exposed at all - especially the contrast between the sky and the dark carpet indoors.  HDR really enhanced the picture.

The backpack he’s wearing is another uniquely “Euro Trip 2015” thing.  It’s one of those backpacks with a leash, this thing was indispensable for the trip.  With John at this age, he doesn’t sit still for more than five minutes unless he’s eating or sleeping (so you can imagine how an eight hour plane ride was - that’s a story for a different post).  In this shot, the leash is actually attached to one of the chairs in the waiting area at the boarding gate.  John was still getting accustomed to the reach of the leash, and kept falling down as he was walking to the end of it’s reach and it got tight.

If I’m being picky, a couple changes I’d make if I could, would obviously be to have gotten the photo captured on my DSLR.  I’m still up in the air about what the baby in the far right brings to the photo.  I could easily crop it out, but I think it also helps me remember the moment- that there was this Italian (I think) family traveling as well.  I also don’t really like the big pole in the middle of the shot.  At the end of the day though, it was a special moment that passed quickly, and I’m just lucky I was able to capture it.