Baby's Musical Hands iOS Kids Game Review

Baby's Musical Hands is an iOS game by Streaming Colour Studios.  It's a simple game, appropriate for one to two year olds, that allows players make musical sounds by tapping colored boxes on the screen.

Rating: 4 stars

Recommended Ages: 1-2

Price at time of post: $0.99

It's an extremely simple game.  There is literally only one screen in the game, the music board.

 The one screen in Baby's Musical Hands

The one screen in Baby's Musical Hands

Each of the three groups of colors represent a group of similar instrument sounds.  The red squares are different percussion instruments.  The yellow squares are different notes on a lower octave of piano.  The blue squares are a higher octave on piano.  This was one of the first games that actually engaged John on the iPad because even as a 1 year old, he quickly understood that the more he mashed the screen, the more sound it made.  There's even a cool particle effect that explodes when you tap a box.

I would have loved some enhancements, or alternate modes on this game to continue its usefulness for a toddler.  I think a mode, kind of like the game Simon, where the game shows a sequence of notes, and then the player must mimic it would be a useful way to start getting kids to learn how to memorize music.  On the other hand, there is definitely an elegance in Baby's Musical Hands' simplicity.

At this point at 2 years old, John is outgrowing Baby's Musical Hands, but I know he'll enjoy showing his new baby brother James how to play!  If you have a one year old who's excited to try Mommy and Daddy's iPad, this is a great game for them to try.