Brotherly Mobile

Two firsts in one day.  I'm excited to finally have found the time to get my blog online, and what's even cooler, is that I can use my new blog to announce that I've started my own podcast called Brotherly Mobile with my co-host Matt Rein.  The podcast will focus on things related to mobile software development.  We have a pretty good initial list of topics, and we're still feeling out the ropes related how to sound good on a mic, how to keep the conversation flowing, and how to properly edit the result.  At the end of the day, I totally agree with Marco Arment's opinion that you should simply "care" about what you do, and if you care about putting effort and energy into your podcast, that it can go a long way to sounding good, even without spending hundreds of dollars.  You might be wondering, "why would you start a podcast?"  Well, I think Matt and I have really good conversations about software development during our carpool, and what better than to get these out into the open and share them with the community?  I think we're also firm believers in feedback, so we'd also love to hear what the community has to say regarding what we're discussing.  Contrary to Dave Wiskus' Podcast Intervention, I feel that this is the information age, and getting content shared and on-the-record digitally only improves the world.  For one to hold back on blogging or podcasting for fear of copying someone else, or fear of not being innovative enough with regard to the medium that the content delivered feels overly critical and not constructive in terms of recognizing the value of simply getting the content shared to begin with. 

Regarding the blog, I'm still trying to figure out what content will end up here, but probably stuff related to my hobbies and work (iOS app creation).